4583082875_8413ba9d22_zBeige Brown Corals, Purple and White Branching Hard Corals, Grey Table Corals, Firy Cup Corals, Glomerate Tree Corals, Purple Hard Corals Spawning and Purple Whitish Bubble corals are main coral types that aquamarine lovers can eye on in the Sri Lankan continental shallow seas in Jaffna, the Gulf of Mannar, Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary in between Puttalam and Mannar, Hikkaduwa Marine Sea Sanctuary, Unawatuna, Weligama, Great Bases and Little Bases in Baticaloa and Pigeon Island. There you can experience kaleidoscopic view in glass – set boats with multi colored shoals of coral sea fish species- lion fish, pencil urchin, reef shark, butterfly fish, banner fish with green turtles, sea anemone while diving as the last tourist destination of most tourists.

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