The bountiful gift of nature overflows Sri Lanka with self contained pull of gravity. The island covering the etched excellence of cultural values that caters to your individual multifarious needs such as – flight networks – especially up to popular destinations – Europe, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia etc; network of domestic flights, town tour services, luxury bus services, cycling, accommodation from villa to six star hotels to fit your wallet, various tastes of culinary dimensions – Continental, European, Japanese, Indian, Mongolian or any other recipe or any other specialty on request; native herbal drinks, tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks to any oenophile, mass media to touch upon your mind, entertainment for any walk of life, active sports, yoga and meditation, trekking, ecotourism, water sports, paragliding, shopping, wild life, excursions for recreation, travel through history and much more in Sri Lanka’s scintillating sceneries.

Sri Lanka lying just seven degrees north of the equator rings you the sense of classical climate for every global denizen fluctuating from Scandinavian clime to Sahara temperature to switch you.

Please be unhesitant to choose this tiny pearl of landmass which makes your mental happiness even more of reminiscent flashbacks.

Our things not to miss are the genuine customs and traditions which are much suave to one’s heart freely. Sri Lankans are ready in smiles and releasing helping hand to any foreigner being a guest. Sri Lankans travel on a unique way of life from birth to death oscillating between Europeans and Asians. The genuine nature of Sri Lankans pave for a soothing aura of blissful encounter even on the pavement. Your hedonic tour to Sri Lanka may teach you the customs and traditions of idyllic life from birth to death which has absorbed the native spirit of human nature combined with the Buddhist form of worship plus cultural cults charged with popular Buddhism. How a child is dedicated to god at birth, a young couple blessed and committed at marriage, a corpse cremated or interred after funeral rites according to Buddhists traditions, and the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English influence has carved a niche culture in Sri Lanka which owns to the mixture of exotic cultures could be experienced in your long stay in Sri Lanka.


colombo1Being the economical hub of Sri Lanka, Colombo serves you multi-purpose nativities. Colombo being the central destination submits you to a host of passenger essentials leading to all the peripheries. Colombo city shoots you into the emphatic impressions of a cosmopolitan city serving Buddhist temples, mosques for Islam believers, Hindu kovils for ardent theists, Christian churches for all denominations. There is plenty to enjoy for any tourists mood: National Museum, Natural museum, Port/Maritime Museum, Dutch museum, art galleries for virtuosos, star class hotels for gourmandizes, gigantic shopping malls for sartorial lovers, antique shops for artefact lovers and all sort of clubs for every social ,.

Colombo fort is the fastest financial zone twenty four hours awake as palatial beacons. The glassy façade of the Fort World Trade Center titillates you for genuine financial transactions. The Gall Face Green is the cosmopolitan jogging esplanade which transfixes you in the evening with ethereal horizon while you are on saunter.

The National museum takes you through the reflections of Sri Lanka from pre history to Kandyan regal period of coruscating regalia and glistening paraphernalia.

The Natural Museum and the National Art Gallery pose you for didactic ostentation of ecological interest and extraordinary aesthetic sensibility of expressionism, pointillism surrealism, cubism etc delving into abstract painting.

To experience the Colonial Wood Audience Hall in Kandy is a genuine glimpse of its replica in the Cinnamon Gardens.

Running through the hustle-bustle of emporia on the Colombo Galle Road for about 10Km, you may enter the Dehiwala zoo which is a metropolitan zoo in the form of a multi interspersion system of accommodating Kalahari/Congo fauna to Amazon fauna.

Colombo shopping is an exquisite memorabilia because shops and malls offer you all sorts of souvenirs from shops – Barefoot, Odel, Gallery Café, Lakmadura , Plate, Laksala, Majestic City etc for your homeward journey.

For your health, wealth and security transactions, our Colombo metropolis is always geared for choices through airlines, financial markets, embassies, consulates, Ayurvedic spas, massage clinics; 119 is island wide emergency conflict resolution contact service, courier services, universal postal service, Sri Lankan department of emigrations and tourists information service.

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