The northern peninsula of Sri Lanka was engulfed in a 30 year diabolical civil war, but presently this landmass is rising as a tourist destination for locals and foreigners through domestic flights and super luxury coaches. The Nagadeepa temple with Hindu façade – Gopuram – of Hindu influence, the largest Colonial Dutch Fort in Asia garrisoned with Bastions, Old Dutch Groote kerk- Great church are the tourist destinations. The Jaffna peninsula and its lagoon are research points for human right explorers for it discloses the dismal memories of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam versus National Sri Lankan Army. Point Pedro light house, St. Anthony’s Church, St. Jame’s Church, Urundiport, Perumal Kovil, Nallur kovil, Amman kovil are the other visitors’ choices. When you visit the Delft Island you can see Portuguese wild ponies and Arabian baobab trees of awkward grace together with migratory sea birds.

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