9738666377_48a040b98f_oIt is a ten day magnificent pageant dating back to the fourth century AD-the reign of Kirthi Sri Megha Wanna. This colourful eye-catching event is like a theatrical spectacle which consists of Kap Tree Planting Ceremony (initial), Kumbal perahera – Potters’ parade, Randoli Perahera – the spectacular great parade with caparisoned elephants and the Water cutting ceremony. The finely orchestrated procession attracts excellent photogenic targets to thousands of annual cultural extravaganza-lovers overseas and home. This pageant flourishes historic presentation of acrobatics, traditional rhythmic drumming, cracking whips, walking on stilts, carrying banners, fire limbos and swinging fire pots, braziers, astonishing provincial and regional primitive dancing embodied by Veddas-the jungle people of Sri Lanka while the replica (unoriginal) casket is being majestically moved on the back of the chief ceremonial caparisoned temple tusker.

At this period (in month of August) of encomium, accommodation is something to be booked; that should happen in advance because all the planters’ Victorian hotels, villas, guest houses, motels etc. are rightly booked.

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