The unfailing target -The central city of Sri Lanka – Kandy is situated in the heart of the country within a precipitous hilly outlook prompting colonial architecture. The topography of which arrests foreign tourists overwhelmingly every year.

After the collapse of Polonnaruawa kingdom early13th century, Gampola was established as a defensible city. Next led to Senkadagala and then renamed as Kandy. The most formidable king Wimaladharmasooriya ousted European rulers after 1505 plus set the foundation for this unique UNESCO city in which the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha is present in its extant majesty. The British civil servant Sir John D’Oyl’s intrigue led to the tumbling over of this last kingdom from Sri Wikrama Rajasinghe 1798-1815 on March 2nd 1815 unopposed.

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