Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

9688551319_a8190bcc1b_bYou may enjoy your best time in this elephant orphanage at Pinnawala while the trained elephants captivate you in their feats of skills. The elephants in captivity range from babies to very old elephants. All of them are driven to the Maoya to have bath from its inception from 1975. The abandoned elephants, injured elephants of land mind are brought here and fed, medicated and trained for various chores. Seeing the antics of bathing elephants and rogue elephants tourists are overjoyed or they meditate what the Endeavour mahouts are taking to tame and train these feral pachyderms. The abutting pachyderm paper factory which uses elephant dung is an abnormal experience for tourists when they see the musty synthesis. Milking and fruit feeding timings add a great joy to hundreds of visitors in excitement.

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