This great ruined city of Polonnaruwa in the 12th century pumps the pomp of invasive imperial history. The king Parakramabahu 1153 AD – 1186 and Nissankamalla 1187 AD – 1196, the successors of the king Viajayabahu 1055 AD – 1110 transformed this fertile terrain unreclaimed, into the then metropolis with all possible, but with unprecedented amnesties. It’s worth a visit once in one’s lifetime. The limited history delves into the unmatched creations of the Lotus pond, Galvihara, Kirivehera, Rankothvehera, Lankathilaka, Pabaluvehera, Vishnu & Shiva temples, Galpotha, Pothgulvehera, Manikvehera, Watadageya, Atadageya, Hetadageya, Royal baths, Alahana Pirivena, Royal Mausoleums and many more, all of which have deserved as the UNESCO heritage.

The Pollonnaruwa site Museum and the citadel are the living testimonials for the turning points of the Sri Lankans’ glorious history which comprises island gardens, quadrangles, stone sculptures, delicate carvings, council chambers, bronze images, other substantial buildings serving as chapter houses and many more to add to your memory.

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