The eponym- the world heritage city adds excellent antiquarian value trailing city, palace, gardens, monasteries and paintings. Its history extents nearly upto 5000 years back. The king Kashyapa in the fifth century (477AC – 495AC) developed this Rock Citadel into a Cyclopean brick construction with extension drip ledges, unidentifiable yet decipherable mirror wall graffiti, fortified moats with crocodiles. This UNESCO heritage is roughly noticed by the tourist folk as the 8th wonder of the world because of its cyclopean rocky construction flanking Fresco Bono painting of unfading open breast damsels in the recess beneath. On the top of the rock you are caught up by the panoramic view, but yet an unpleasant experience to the vertigo sufferers. This marvellous monad knock was first discovered by the British explorer H.C.P. Bell. The superb architectural windproof three storied mansion on the top of the mountain was an original balcony view in it simulation presented at the Sigiriya museum situated at the left edge of the foot of the ochre colored Pre Cambrian rock.

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