5903895335_1b60c3d097_oThe low land strip of rain forest – the only UNESCO jungle in Sri Lanka from 1989 is a habitat for over 830 flora and fauna species. Out of 33 endemic birds 26 are sporadically seen but hoots, chirps, warbles, whistles and many more singings could be heard while trekking and seeing reptiles, jungle squirrels, mongoose, spotted cats, host of insects, civets and horned lizards within this 30 km long 300 to 1170 high stretch of wetland in the down south. Cicadas, balls of leeches, slow moving giant millipedes and slippery slates of rocks may discourage your expedition if you are not a hard core nature lover. Lianas, buttressed roots ,wild spices, algae to sturdy trees, moths to giant butterflies, finches and serpent eagles may teach you the natural diversity of the flora and fauna world.

This unique jungle is lying bordering the Kalutara, Ratnapura and Galle districts. You need only 145 minute drive from Colombo at normal speed.

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