The Royal Botanical Gardens

6902509203_2d5d451c29_zThe historical sketch of the Royal Botanic gardens dates back to 1821 with its inception at Peliyagoda 1799 and Colombo at Kew Gardens – present Slave Island – 1810 and in 1813 in Kalutara initiating W.Kerr -1812 to J.C. Willis-1896.

The unfailing target – The central city of Sri Lanka – Kandy is situated in the heart of the country within a precipitous hilly outlook prompting colonial architecture. The topography of which arrests foreign tourists overwhelmingly every year.

This Gardens of Eden bordering the Central Hills hosts you with a prolific abundance of epiphytes, the multi coloured orchid enclosure, lianas, arbors , endemic and local lofty trees with a chill cool canopy, palms, pines, pandanus, ferns, and much more with a research and conservation arboretum and herbarium. Roaming through drives you may catch an octagonal conservation, Hanthana view, giant anthuriam, palm and palmyra avenue, vanilla cultivation, flying foxes at rest and on the wing, screw pines, the suspension bridge over the Mahaveli river rapids, jungle ropes, Thwaite’s Memorial, the triad of laboratory herbarium and library, candle trees, double coconut palms tranquil Mahaveli scenes, talipot avenue, the impressive look of the unforgettable lawns reverberates and revisits the dreamland of Sri Lanka.

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