8005781506_ac967ef887_zCommonly known as the people of the forest or the primitive people trace back to 16,000 BC with special cults of worship, freedom, customs and rituals. You can experience their intricate dances, medicinal practices, hunting modes in their native places such as Dambana, Girandrukotte, Mahiyangana, Rathugala, Nilgala, Maduruoya etc. The specialties in their life style is open bust, curly or braided hair as tousles, barefoot, span cloth or half sarong, chewing betel, poking fish with darts or floral saps or other eccentrics. Normal people believe they practice Mantra with demonic perceptions to bring about evils on enemies. You may enjoy their ancestral settlements and struggle to understand their way of living while touring into Vedda community.


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