5326092737_f5405cb561_zThe second largest avian, mammalian and reptilian kingdom covering 1260 sq km is the most visited National Park reserved. Massive tuskers, supine crocodiles, fishing eagles, raucous peacocks, sloth bears, dozing leopards of prey on tree branches, scampering wild buffalos etc are constant or intermittent beautiful sceneries in tank shores, glades, arbours or under sturdy trees. Thousands of tourists on safari wagons enjoy this verdant sometimes semi arid jungle. Bird lovers terrains are the Kumana – the Yala east National park and the Bundala National park in the down south 15 km east of Hambanthota where wading flamingos, hungry predators, falcons, hawks, kites and even gulls and terns or avocets harbor specially from September to March. The biggest National Park 25 km off Puttalam is the Wilpattu sanctuary where the biggest elephant-Vil Aliya dwells here peacefully with stags, deer, monkeys, wild boars etc.

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