7220561704_2d1238e3e9_zThe second largest foreign earner- tea, pioneered by James Taylor in 1867 offers you the unique invigorating range of tea for building stamina and touring grit. Wherever you travel through the central hills your eyes arrest the festooning verdant vista of tea plantation. Wherever you lodge you are traditionally treated with soothing sip of tea for a comfortable rest with assorted cakes, biscuits or Sri Lankan sweet meat.

Some of the tea bungalows you can rest at are Labookale, Warvic Gardens, Tapro spa, Kirchhayn and Ambewela. The perfect cuppa dates back to Scottish tea planter James Taylor who initiated the tea holding in Loolcondera. Presently a range of excellent teas are released by Mlesna, Dilmah, Lipton etc the tea factories for tea connoisseurs at premium brands such as Black tea, Green tea, Oolong, Orange Pekoe, Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, Fanning and the dusts for masses. The fresh blend of flavoring tea is the benchmark of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan tea market is straggling over centuries in the Europe and the Middle East.

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